Little Sponges: Why You Should Get Your Youngster Into a Foreign Language

Foreign language programs are typically one of the first items on the chopping block when schools are hit with budget cuts. Unfortunately, cutting language programs severely compromises the skills and thinking abilities of children. In today’s global society, students can expect to work and interact with people of different cultures throughout the rest of their lives. Research shows that learning a second language as early as the elementary school level enhances cognitive problem solving, increases creativity and, surprisingly, improves math scores on standardized tests.

Does Tutoring Little Kids Really Make a Difference?

Children in the first to third grade group have variable reading and writing skills. Developing a strategy to improve reading skills, promote comprehension and build confidence motivates children to read, write and enjoy learning. Doing sports and coaching children can also play a big role in building confidence skills in this critical language arts building period.

Reading with children is an ideal way to promote reading skills and comprehension. Encourage children to work out unfamiliar words on their own. Employing strategies such as reading the next sentence to understand meaning and sounding out parts of the word enhance comprehension.

Megan Carloto: New Career Goals of Millennial Grads

Megan Carloto recently earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB). A gifted student, Megan’s philosophy is to strive for excellence in everything she does, whether it’s studying, exercising or working as a volunteer.

Elementary, Middle and High School Sports Activities

Megan began playing tennis when she was three years old. She played doubles in her high school sophomore and senior years when the New Providence Girls Varsity tennis team won the Group 1 State Championships two years in a row. Megan also played soccer until eighth grade, when she decided to dedicate more time to tennis. Megan devoted much of her time to swimming. A swimmer from age seven on, she swam for the Summit YMCA Seals when she was nine until she was 16. During her junior year in high school, Megan swam for the Somerset Hills YMCA. Her team went to the national championships in Charlotte, North Carolina, multiple times. Megan also swam for her high school swim team. She won Most Improved and Most Valuable Player for both tennis and swimming in high school. Although she doesn’t participate in organized athletics activities now, Megan still enjoys daily exercise.

Exploring the World of Music

Megan enjoys listening to music, discovering new artists and exploring different musical styles. A favorite pastime is attending concerts and musical festivals with friends. Megan’s interest in other cultures includes learning about the music of people around the globe. She believes that a region’s music is a window into its culture.

One of Megan’s favorite artists is Lana Del Rey. Del Rey released her first digital album, “Lana Del Ray,” in 2010, but it wasn’t until her second studio album, “Born to Die,” was released that she gained notoriety. The album, released with a last name spelling change, debuted at number two on Billboard’s 200 and was the fifth overall best-selling album in 2012. Her work has won numerous awards, including the Woman of the Year award from GQ. She was nominated for several Grammy awards in 2013.

Working to Help Others

Now that she has graduated from college, Megan is looking forward to working or volunteering for causes she cares about. Before college, she worked with a charitable organization to build homes for impoverished families. Her busy class and work schedule prevented her from volunteering during college, but Megan is now actively searching for ways to help those in need and support the causes she cares about, either through volunteer activity or as a career.

Megan is looking at several possibilities when it comes to working to improve the lives of those around her. She loves helping animals, so working with shelter animals or animal rescue organizations as a volunteer or profession is a possibility. Helping children is another avenue she is currently exploring. She tutored elementary school children in reading and math in college, worked in childcare since middle school and has always felt compassion for kids, particularly those who are disadvantaged in some way. Another possibility is the involvement in an environmental organization. Megan is very concerned about the impact humans have on the earth’s natural resources and wildlife. A job or volunteer opportunity with a conservation or ecological organization, that works to lessen the impact, would be ideal.

Megan is multilingual and has traveled abroad extensively. She studied in Spain for a semester and lived with a local family, learning as much as she could about the local culture and its people. Megan also spent time as a lifeguard and is currently a retail associate and barista. Megan enjoys working with and getting to know people from all types of cultural and economic backgrounds.

Megan Carloto approaches whatever she does with enthusiasm and determination. She enjoys taking on challenges, solving problems and acquiring knowledge, whether it’s learning about different cultures or exploring new types of music. Megan enjoys the world’s diversity and welcomes the opportunity to understand and learn from others. She looks forward to a rewarding career and improving the lives of others.